Backup Generators

Losing power is usually an unexpected event.  The next time you lose power, turn the lights back on with a powerful backup generator installed by the professionals at Kemp Electric.

You can rely on your master electrician at Kemp Electric to install your generator properly.  We also will perform yearly maintenance and test to make sure it is functioning properly.  Give us a call today to equip your home with a powerful backup generator. We also provide top quality backup generator repair services!

These are the Benefits of Having a Backup Generator:

  • It keeps your heating and cooling systems operational
  • You can still use your television and computers
  • Keeps your refrigerated food from spoiling
  • You won’t spend time living in the dark
  • It protects your home from dangerous voltage fluctuations and surges when the power returns

Having power during an outage allows you to continue to live normally without worry of spoiled food and trying to function in the dark and cold.  Invest in a backup generator and repair services from Kemp Electric for your home.